Types and Applications of Non-sag Tungsten Wire

Non-sag Tungsten Wire Picture

Non-sag tungsten wire types and non-sag tungsten wire applications.

Type Application
W61 Standard doped tungsten wire with excellent non-sagging property and high speed coil-ability, which can
make filament for bulb lamps, auto lamps and fluorescent lamps.
W91 Excels in non-sagging property and fit for high temperature use, which can make filaments for halogen
lamps, especially for high pressure halogen lamps.
WR15 WR15 wire has long time burning life and resistance to shock with excellent non-sag property for lighting,which is doped with K, Si, and Al compounds (AKS). Its property is much higher than W91 on life and
resistance to shock.
HW31 Filament of fluorescent lamp and energy-saving lamp; HID electrode.
HW41 Heating resistor for vacuum metallization; heating materials in furnace; HID electrode; support wire.
HW42 Heating resistor for vacuum metallization; support wire.
HW61 Filament of incandescent lamp; fluorescent Lamp and energy-saving lamp; support wire; printer pins.
HW71 Anti-shock filament of auto lamp.
HW91 Filament of halogen lamp, high color temperature lamp and auto lamp.
HW99 Long-life filament of halogen lamp.
Type Name Kind Application
WAl1 Non-sag tungsten wires L Used in making single coiled filaments, filaments in fluorescent lamps and other components
B Used in making coiled coil and filaments in high power incandescent bulb,
stage decoration lamp, heating filaments, halogen lamp,special lamps etc.
T Used in making special lamps, exposition lamp of copy machine and lamps
used in automobiles.
WAl2 Non-sag tungsten wires J Used in making filaments in incandescent bulb, fluorescent lamp,heating filaments,spring filaments, grid electrode, gas-discharge lamp, electrode and other
electrode tubes parts.